How are some fitness equipment brands you see all over the internet and at department stores?

Many people wonder about the exercise and fitness equipment that they see for sale in department stores, sporting good stores and on line. They typically make these machines look very appealing.

There is a major conglomerate that has bought out many companies names in the lower end of Fitness Equipment. The products are all the same and made in the same factory, just tagged with a different name. So, when you buy one such brand, you buy the parent brand. We think you get the idea. The list goes on. They market these products to department/sporting good stores and create their own retail price. They then create their own websites with favorable reviews on those products and reviews and voila, people believe them. For Example: A customer recently came in and said he was going to buy a treadmill from a local department store. He was excited because the price showed it was a $2500 machine marked down to $1200. We can not emphasize enough that you or he in this case was being had! With absolute certainty, one should not have spent more then $500 on that machine, but it seemed like a good deal. In marketing, if you set the retail price, the customer will never know what it should cost. It really is deceptive and outright wrong for this practice to happen…. We admit, it is tempting to sell their product and make a huge profit, but what is right is right and we sell products on the basis that you will use the machines and that is why we have been tremendously successful in the last 20 years. So to answer a commonly asked question, NO! Do not trust these on line reviews and sporting good stores products. (Just take a look at what the Better Business Bureau has to say about the company you may buy from before you waste your $$$$$$….)


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  1. Hi…

    I could not agree more. I read all about how great the sole treadmill was….. All the reviews seemed good…. Until I got the machine delivered. I have had nothing but issues with it and Dicks Sporting Goods was dreadful to deal with…. When contacting sole directly, they were just as bad. They can make anything look and sound good on line! Do not believe the hype…


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