Summer is almost here! Take your Workout to the Beach and Pool!


OK, so we always hear people say, I don’t have time to workout! What can I do to keep up with my routine, and not feel like I am sacrificing my summer?  It is so short! Well, summer is fast approaching and we have to be bathing suit ready!  So let’s be realistic, and look at some options.

Skipping the gym and wanting to do things outside is the way it goes this time of year.  But how can you manage to maintain a fitness routine in the best time of year?  Well, think about it.  If you use your imagination, there are many things you can do outside with your family or friends to still feel as if you were active enough to compensate for “skipping” that workout.

The beach is a playground! Not just for sun tanning and being lazy.  Think of activities you can do to help burn extra calories.  From a nice walk, to a brisk jog in the sand, beach volleyball, Frisbee, catch, even yoga inspired moves facing the ocean to keep your flexibility, and your sanity!

The sand is great resistance.  Walking lunges, squats, push-ups just a few examples.  In fact there are many full body weight bearing exercises that can be done out of the gym too.  Use the beach as an area to do them.  You can also bring resistance bands, kettle bells, dumb bells, even your yoga mats!  Resistance bands travel very easy, and they offer an effect similar to dumb bell training.  You may work shoulders, chest, back, bicep, and much more!  It works, and it can help ease your conscious for missing that gym workout!

The pool is another way to work some muscle groups.  Using water for resistance, perform some exercises for shoulders, chest, back, core, and legs!  It is the complete package!  Swimming laps for cardio endurance, and using movements in the water for resistance.  So there really is no excuse NOT to workout during the summer!

See, I just made it easy for you!

Happy Summer of 2014, now get moving and have fun!

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