Turkey Hangover?

Here we are…days after Thanksgiving, how do you feel?

That is a loaded question.  Did you partake in many food festivities? Perhaps, it is time to start thinking about offsetting those extra calories.  You know, the calories that end up adding to extra pounds?

It has been stated that the average person can gain anywhere from 5-10 lbs from Thanksgiving to New Years.  This tends to be because people put off their workouts, and simply enjoy the benefits of eating.  In order to make a difference one needs to exercise and stay active.  You can still enjoy your friends and family during the holiday season with food and drink, but think and move more!

Whether you head to your local club, or invest in your own quality fitness equipment, make the commitment to stay fit! It will keep you on track to staying healthy.

Don’t delay, start today!  Maybe you can find yourself DOWN pounds instead of up by the New Year!


About the Author: Laurie is a CPT at Fitness Equipment Estore which features New England’s largest showroom of commercial & home gym exercise equipment. The showroom and online store feature some of the industry’s best home gyms, commercial and home treadmills and more!


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