How do I choose a treadmill?

This question is in true need of an honest answer. How do I choose a treadmill?  The treadmill world is difficult to understand and follow.  Not many consumers truly comprehend the basics and logistics in purchasing a treadmill.  One’s first step may be to Google treadmills, or top rated treadmills, or treadmill reviews.

If you Google treadmills, you will undoubtedly get thousands of pages claiming that their treadmill is the best- so that won’t help.  (Best of luck sifting through that information!)

If you Google top rated treadmills, you will get thousands of review sites proclaiming that their machine is the best- so that won’t necessarily help.  (Who can you actually trust?) Runners World, Consumer Reports and the American College of Sports Medicine can help but only offer you a small piece of the puzzle.

If you Google treadmill reviews, it gets even worse!  More overload of information from thousand’s of “review” sites that simply sell the product and claim that treadmill is “a must have” or “great value”!

So what do you do?

*You buy from a store that does not work on ANY commission.

*You buy from a store that will never try to push you into a specific machine claiming it is the best.

*You buy from a store that has been around a long….long….long time.  This helps prove their integrity, honesty and credibility.

*You buy from a store who sells every brand out there!  (This is important for so many reasons!)  It is very tempting for a store to “partner up” with a manufacturer to PUSH their product down your throat.  They get special spiffs and kickbacks.  They try to claim they are the “official” authorized dealer of such product.  See if that holds any water when you have a warranty issue and the guy who sells you it is not working their and their company is out of business.  Most reputable stores can and do sell whatever they choose!  A store should have tons of price points and selections!

*You buy from a store that sells Fitness Equipment!  This is what they do.  If you think a store that sells cleats, row boats, golf clubs, polo shirts, fishing rods, dirt bikes, fat heads, tents, grills etc etc have any idea what treadmill would best work for you then you definitely need to be reading this!  We find it funny when you go to look at a treadmill and the business sells swingsets, sandboxes, or basketball hoops.  Run from these places! (Or walk until you get the right treadmill and then you can run!)

*Similar to above, your machine will have headaches at some point.  Is the golf guy going to service you?  No…  A trustworthy store will.

*Lastly- You buy from a store you can trust!

Unfortunately, best of luck finding these places.  Fortunately, they do exist!  I would personally would like to recommend Fit Equipment Etc or in Massachusetts.  We have been working with them for years and they not only fit all the above criteria but offer the best shopping experience you will ever have buying fitness or exercise equipment.

Bryan -University of Massachusetts- Alumni Association


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