Let’s be United Again!


If you haven’t had enough stress and run yourselves ragged over the last year due to the election process, you can exhale now!

With that being said, it is time to come together and unite as a country!

Regardless of who won, or what our personal opinions may be.  The process of our democracy has taken place.  And we must work together as a nation to build us back up as a people.  No person will do that for us.  Only we can!  Let’s work for the common good, for ALL people!  Love, respect and kindness is long overdue!  Regardless of race, religion, sex or political party.  It is time we realize that being a human being is worth more than anything else.  Support a cause, work together to get things done, across the aisle, for the people!

Our time can be put to good use helping our fellow man and woman.  It is so simple really! Paying it forward?  A kind gesture to a stranger, volunteering to work with veterans or children in all communities, the elderly.  Think about how we can make this world a better place with just making our attitudes more positive and light!

Now this is a choice, plain and simple.  If you are a Negative Nelly, or a David Downer, then knock that crap off!  You want to sulk and cry, go ahead what will that get you?  What example are you giving?  Have children watching?  Even more reason to discuss how to respect the process and people.  Even if you don’t agree, it takes a big person to admit that things may have not gone our way, but we can give peace a chance.  We can work towards a better tomorrow.  RESPECT! But ultimately, it starts with us.  One at a time.  Think before you act.  For every action, there is a reaction.

This is not a usual blog for me.  However, I always talk of positivity and health.  This is still true.  One can find happiness in well being.  So please, spread the positive vibes, and nothing will stop us as a people!  Hang in there America!  We got this!

Go in peace and love, and spread it around!

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