Why Wait to Live? Do It NOW!

cali sunset 2

Think about it…

Do you feel like sometimes life is passing you by?

Spend all this time running around doing this or that.  Working 40 plus hours a week, then coming home to run some more with the kids, or the chores, or errands?

When do we say enough is enough?  When do you allow yourself time to enjoy your life?


That movie you want to see, the vacation you swear you would take one day, but haven’t. The friends and family you keep blowing off for one reason or another, or hell no reason at all?

We scramble and for what?  To pay the bills? To make more bills that we have to pay? How about a quiet night reading a book you always wanted to.  A concert or listening to music that you haven’t heard in a while.  Or just spending time with that special someone who has become a comfortable accessory in your household.  The kids, the hubby, the wife, the significant other?  Look around you people…What do you see?  We take so much for granted.  Just take a deep breath and say, “Thank you” for everything you have, love and appreciate the little things.

One day, without warning, they could be gone.

cali sunset

Yes, this is a fitness blog.  Yes, I want you to be healthy AND happy.  So this is for your happiness.  Share it, discuss it out loud.  Make time for the little things, the special people, your hopes, and dreams.  Take care of yourself mentally as well as physically.

You will be glad you did!

Nothing makes you feel better than a beautiful sunrise or sunset to bring you back to what is really important.  You are here, and you are alive! Think about what makes you happy.  Then go for it!

Be Well!

Sunset in El Porto, California

About the Author: Laurie is a Certified Personal Trainer at Fit Equipment.  Fit Equipment Etc. is New England’s largest showroom of fitness equipment. Fit Equipment Etc also has a wide selection of work out equipment for sale online. Offering the best home treadmills,elliptical cross trainers, exercise gear and more, Fit Equipment Etc can supply you with everything you need to create your own home gym.


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