New Year, New Routine! Time to go get it!

New Years

Well it is finally here!

The New Year! 2018, will it finally be the year to get your rear in shape?

Where do you start? Easy, if you fell off the wagon, time to start again.  One day at a time.

If you are a “regular”, but need some new motivation, What should you do?

With so many workout fads out there, really you can just pick one! We all want results, and want them fast.  We think we can undo months of bad habits in 6 easy workouts just 10 minutes a day!  Funny how that works, but that’s the world we live in!


If you ask me, I am “old school”.

With all the classes from group training, to Cross Fit, Les Mills, P90X, P90X2, the list can be stop the “Insanity”! (Did you see what I did there? Clever aren’t I?)

I guess the point is this, what ever you decide to do, just MOVE! Get back into a routine of health! But most importantly, be CONSISTENT!  Whether you train at home, or at any of the $10 fitness clubs popping up all over the nation, stay strict with your routine and motivation!

If you need some ideas, or pointers on how to establish a gym, or a workout area at home, come on down to Fit Equipment Etc and let us help you!

We look forward to a fantastic year ahead! Here is to the new and improved YOU!


About the Author: Laurie is a CPT at Fit Equipment Etc. Fit Equipment Etc. is New England’s largest showroom of fitness equipment. Fit Equipment Etc also has a wide selection of work out equipment for sale online. Offering the best home treadmill, elliptical cross trainers, exercise gear and more! Fit Equipment Etc can also supply you with everything you need to create your own home gym! Stop in, call or check out our website today!


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