Flavoring Your Water Naturally! Really?

flavored water

Well I’ve been doing it for years, but apparently….it’s the “new trend”.

Ok come on, REALLY?  No one has figured out the benefits of making your own flavored water naturally?  Without chemicals, or fake sugars?

Certain fruits, vegetables, and spices can help detoxify the body? Hydrate the natural way? For minimal investment and time?

I don’t have to buy a membership, or join a monthly supplement club?

Yes people..For literally dollars, (like $3) you can have a gallon of this delicious stuff, and reuse it a couple of times, with again, little time or effort!

It amazes me how so many people fall for the “gimmicks” to get lean quick, build bulk fast, yada yada yada, it is endless!

How about good old common sense?  It is free, just have to think a bit..

Eating healthy and exercising has been something we all have heard of.  Eating in moderation, Hydration is a must, sound familiar?  Am I typing anything foreign here?

So once again, come on people, listen up:

1.     Eat less, Move more.

2.     Drink plenty of water (with or without fruit, veggies or spices)

3.     Don’t believe the hype.  There is no magic pill, no fancy wrap or potion to make you lose anything but MONEY.

4.     Be accountable.

5.     Be consistent in your training/workouts.

6.     Smile more, because mean people suck.


Have a great day!

About the Author: Laurie is a CPT at Fitness Equipment Estore which features New England’s largest showroom of commercial & home gym exercise equipment. The showroom and online store feature some of the industry’s best home gyms, commercial and home treadmills and more!


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