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Merry Fitness and Happy New Rear!


Whew! Thanksgiving is behind us..

Did those low fat pies lead to high fat thighs? Let’s hope not!

However, we may have dodged one bullet, still two more to go!

Christmas and New Years! Hence our favorite slogan of the year…MERRY FITNESS AND HAPPY NEW REAR!

We in the fitness industry love this saying.  It makes you chuckle, but it is what we all really want from Santa.

So how do you get fit, and a great behind..lots of hard work my friends!

Stay focused, stay consistent, and keep up with your routines!

A great piece of cardio is important to have as a back up in your home.  A treadmill, great for a casual stroll, or brisk walk, even an all out run.  Bad knees? How about an elliptical.  No shock impact on your joints.  Elevated off the floor, you are able to get a full body workout in less time!  Vertically challenged? How about a recumbent bike?  Great piece for knee replacements/injuries or back issues.  You work at a reclining angle working the eccentric muscles in your legs.

We at Fit Equipment Etc have all these and so much more!  Come by and visit us here for a fun filled shopping experience.  We not only have quality merchandise, but a fantastic staff (with incredible personalities) to make your experience a positive one!  Not just fun, but educational as well!

Don’t put off investing in a great back up piece to add to your home.  When you can’t get to the club, there is no excuse not to get your workout in!

Then hit the lunges, squats and stairs to work those glutes! And then, the Happy New Rear!

Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!

From all of us fun-filled staff at Fit Equipment Etc!~



About the Author: Laurie is a CPT at Fit Equipment Etc. Fit Equipment Etc. is New England’s largest showroom of fitness equipment. Fit Equipment Etc also has a wide selection of work out equipment for sale online. Offering the best home treadmill, elliptical cross trainers, exercise gear and more! Fit Equipment Etc can also supply you with everything you need to create your own home gym! Stop in, call or check out our website today!




The Holiday Season is Upon Us…Uh Oh!!


The Holiday Season is now upon us. Are you ready? For all of it?

What a great time of year to spend with family and friends! To be social, and have fun reminiscing about past memories, and creating new ones! But it is not all rainbows and sprinkles is it?

The stress and the work of it all. The anxiety levels raise high, and we do it to ourselves.

So why is it the first thing we let fall to the wayside is our fitness regimen. Our workouts, all of a sudden we are way too busy to make it to that class, or that gym. Our diet, starts to hit the fan from Thanksgiving Eve to New Years. I mean come on. Why would we get back on the wagon, only to fall off next week, or the week after? Let’s just keep rolling till January. Let’s just add the 10-15 lb weight gain that becomes “average” among most individuals during this time period.

STOP THE CYCLE! We must! (laughing as I type this, but it is true!)

So many of us fall into the abyss of the holidays, only to start off the new year with added regret and added body fat!

So do yourself a favor, DON’T FALL INTO THE ABYSS! (Use that as your daily motivator)

Move..go to that class, find a good home routine to start. Use a DVD as inspiration! Make sure your back up piece of equipment at home, whether it be an elliptical, treadmill, or bike, is in good working condition. If not, take the time to make that stop into Fit Equipment Etc. to purchase something that will help you achieve your goals! Every day is a new beginning! So make sure to stay motivated and positive! If you fall, it is OK, you are not a failure! Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and hit it hard again the next day. Just don’t fall down and never get up!

We are here for you! So now..there are NO EXCUSES!



About the Author: Laurie is a CPT at Fit Equipment Etc. Fit Equipment Etc. is New England’s largest showroom of fitness equipment. Fit Equipment Etc also has a wide selection of work out equipment for sale online. Offering the best home treadmill, elliptical cross trainers, exercise gear and more! Fit Equipment Etc can also supply you with everything you need to create your own home gym! Stop in, call or check out our website today!

Turkey Hangover Anyone??


Oh yes…It does exist!!

That dreaded period of time between Thanksgiving and New Years!  The “no diet” zone!  The “ah the heck with it all” lack of motivation!  It is for real!

Do you know the average person gains anywhere from 5-10 lbs during the months between Thanksgiving and New Years? If you are not accountable for what you eat, and getting in your proper workouts, it can sneak up on you that fast!

Now by all means enjoy your holidays!  Even indulge a little…but get back on the horse the next day!  Get in that walk or strength workout!  Start eating well again, and take in enough water!  You can manage your holidays AND stay in shape!

Holidays are about family, friends and being thankful.  So please remember that is important and enjoy it!  However, so is your health, and you should try to balance good habits with some bad too.


Accountability is crucial, and living a healthy lifestyle is important.  Make a plan ahead of time.  Decide what “cheats” you want to have, and how you will work them off the next day and through the long weekend.  Stay consistent, keep your routine the same and vary the intensity throughout the holiday season.  Lastly, make long lasting memories of family and friends, and keep them as your inspiration and motivation to stay healthy so you may enjoy more of those wonderful times!

New Years

Happy Holidays All!

About the Author: Laurie is a CPT at Fitness Equipment Estore which features New England’s largest showroom of commercial & home gym exercise equipment. The showroom and online store feature some of the industry’s best home gyms, commercial and home treadmills and more!

How Do I Choose A Treadmill?

This question is in true need of an honest answer. How do I choose a treadmill?  The treadmill world is difficult to understand and follow.  Not many consumers truly comprehend the basics and logistics in purchasing a treadmill.  One’s first step may be to Google treadmills, or top rated treadmills, or treadmill reviews.

If you Google treadmills, you will undoubtedly get thousands of pages claiming that their treadmill is the best- so that won’t help.  (Best of luck sifting through that information!)

If you Google top rated treadmills, you will get thousands of review sites proclaiming that their machine is the best- so that won’t necessarily help.  (Who can you actually trust?) Runners World, Consumer Reports and the American College of Sports Medicine can help but only offer you a small piece of the puzzle.

If you Google treadmill reviews, it gets even worse!  More overload of information from thousand’s of “review” sites that simply sell the product and claim that treadmill is “a must have” or “great value”!

So what do you do?

*You buy from a store that does not work on ANY commission.

*You buy from a store that will never try to push you into a specific machine claiming it is the best.

*You buy from a store that has been around a long….long….long time.  This helps prove their integrity, honesty and credibility.

*You buy from a store who sells every brand out there!  (This is important for so many reasons!)  It is very tempting for a store to “partner up” with a manufacturer to PUSH their product down your throat.  They get special spiffs and kickbacks.  They try to claim they are the “official” authorized dealer of such product.  See if that holds any water when you have a warranty issue and the guy who sells you it is not working their and their company is out of business.  Most reputable stores can and do sell whatever they choose!  A store should have tons of price points and selections!

*You buy from a store that sells Fitness Equipment!  This is what they do.  If you think a store that sells cleats, row boats, golf clubs, polo shirts, fishing rods, dirt bikes, fat heads, tents, grills etc etc have any idea what treadmill would best work for you then you definitely need to be reading this!  We find it funny when you go to look at a treadmill and the business sells swing sets, sandboxes, or basketball hoops.  Run from these places! (Or walk until you get the right treadmill and then you can run!)

*Similar to above, your machine will have headaches at some point.  Is the golf guy going to service you?  No…  A trustworthy store will.

*Lastly- You buy from a store you can trust!

Unfortunately, best of luck finding these places.  Fortunately, they do exist!  I would personally would like to recommend Fit Equipment Etc or in Massachusetts.  We have been working with them for years and they not only fit all the above criteria but offer the best shopping experience you will ever have buying fitness or exercise equipment.

Bryan -University of Massachusetts- Alumni Association

Halloween….Tricks, Treats and more Treats!

It’s that time of year again!



Candy and more candy!  A festive time of year, the start of the “Holiday Season”.

If we are not careful, it all can go downhill starting now!

Halloween leads to Thanksgiving, which in turn leads to Christmas and then the New Year.  Yes, “resolution” time!  However, if you take time to get a handle on things, you can “keep calm and carry on”.


It is important to live life and enjoy it!  Just try to keep your healthy habits in perspective! Stay to the diet best you can during the week, and allow that Halloween party (candy and all) and other fun times in check!


Exercise!  This is crucial.  If you want to play you have to pay.  So have a good attitude about it!  Make sure you have a realistic routine.  A back up piece of equipment is important to have in your home.  If you have one, make sure it is in working order BEFORE the cold weather hits.  If not, maybe consider investing in a newer piece with a full warranty.


The gym is great! If you have a membership, it is important to use it.  However, we all know what happens in January!  All the “newbies” coming in for their resolutions.

How to beat the frustration of that time of year?  How about adding some free weightsresistance bandsdumb bells or many other items to make an inexpensive home gym of your own at home?  A go to piece of cardio at home, like a treadmillelliptical or bike.


Well we have you covered!  Come on down to visit us at Fit Equipment in person for demos, give us a call or check us out online at Fit Equipment ETC!!

We have what you are looking for!


About the Author: Laurie is a Certified Personal Trainer at Fit Equipment.  Fit Equipment Etc. is New England’s largest showroom of fitness equipment. Fit Equipment Etc also has a wide selection of work out equipment for sale online. Offering the best home treadmillselliptical cross trainersexercise gear and more, Fit Equipment Etc can supply you with everything you need to create your own home gym.

Want to buy an elliptical? Learn more..

From the

Hello out there… Recently we have been flooded with questions about selecting and effectively using an Elliptical and/or Cross trainer….

So who better then to get the facts from then the American College of Sports Medicine… They are one of the best resources in the fitness industry. They have written a guide which we would like to share with you… The title:

Selecting and Effectively Using an Elliptical Trainer or Stair Climber

We will help digest this information and break it down for you.


“The elliptical trainer combines the motion of stair-stepping with cross-country skiing, providing a low-impact aerobic workout.
Many elliptical trainers use alternating push/pull resistance bars to add an upper-body workout as you stride. The pedals can also be reversed (backward stride), which not only works the muscles in a slightly different manner but allows some variation in your workout.”

“There are two main types of elliptical machines available: rear-drive and front-drive. ”

“A front-drive elliptical machine uses articulating pedals in order to match a natural stride of a rear-drive unit.” Many of the better front driven units have bio-mechanically correct articulating pedals. Be wary of the cheaper units under $1000.

You can now also find many front driven machines with incline as well. The main point here is that front driven machines with articulating pedals will match the feel of a rear driven machine, are just as comfortable and are equally recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine. So anyone who may tell you rear driven is better, is simply not telling you the truth.

“The primary advantage of a front-drive unit is the cost; no matter how much of a bargain it seems, front-drive units without articulating pedals may result in motion that is unnatural and uncomfortable for most consumers. Make sure that stride length is comfortable! Some units accommodate a stride length of only 14 inches, which is too small for a tall person, while others are as long as 21 inches. A stride that is too short will make for an awkward, jerky elliptical ride.”

So both articulating front driven machines and rear driven machines are fine. Some may try to tell you to keep your heel flat on an elliptical. The fact is that you may have more of a natural running feel if your heels lifts up. When is the last time you moved flat footed? Do you do anything flat footed? This is a myth perpetuated by non-science. Just check out the picture below on The American College of Sports Medicine’s brochure for selecting an elliptical. It is of a front driven recommended machine.


“Ask lots of questions. Take a ten-minute test drive on several different machines. You will quickly develop a preference for console options, set-up and frame construction. Basic consoles should display time, distance, rate of speed and intensity level. Intensity may be controlled manually or preset from a menu of programmed workout choices when you start exercise. If your ten-minute test drive is even remotely uncomfortable, do not buy the machine.”


“Elliptical and stair climber machines range in price from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. If you cannot afford a quality machine, your money may be better spent on a health club membership.”


“It is essential that your machine have solid construction and a stable frame, in order to give you a safe and effective workout. The handrails should be positioned so that your workout posture is upright with the knees behind the toes. Bending forward places a great amount of stress on the back and wrists. Using the handrails to support part of your body weight reduces the effectiveness of your workout and puts you at risk for injury. Handrails should be used for balance and/or resistance training. Read all of the manufacturers instructions to get the most out of your machine!”



“Do you have appropriate floor support for the weight of the machine?”

“What is the maximum weight allowance of the machine? Most will have a maximum user weight of 350 lbs.”

“Determine your space considerations:
Is the space large enough?
Is the floor level?
Is the ceiling height sufficient?
Will the machine need to be stored periodically? Are there wheels that make the machine movable?”

Maintenance and Durability

“Is the manufacturing company reliable
and reputable? Is the machine durable, easily assembled and easily maintained?
Look for a product that is maintenance free. A well-designed unit takes normal wear and tear into account.
Does the machine come with a warranty? Are local technicians available for service?
Look for a warranty that provides for a minimum of one year service and one to three years coverage on parts.
Be sure your warranty includes electronics and other key components, such as the resistance/braking system.”

Power and Performance and Operation

“Check the difficulty levels available on manual mode as well as the range of programs available.
Are you able to increase the difficulty of your workout as you increase your fitness?
Check the control panel features: Is it accessible and easy to read? Is it user-friendly? Does it offer the information important for your needs (time, distance, resistance, calories, etc.)?
Is the noise level acceptable?”


“When exercising, maintain the correct posture by keeping your shoulders back, head up, chin straight, abdominals tight, and arms relaxed. Your hands should rest lightly on the hand rails to assist with balance (or use the work-out bars if available). Do not lean forward or grip the bars tightly. Posture should be upright. If you have a tendency to lean on the hand rails on a stair stepper, adjust the step rate. Increasing the pedal resistance will cause you to slow the stepping rate. This should allow you to take your weight off the hand rails.”


“Wear supportive athletic shoes.
Avoid restrictive clothing.
Relax and maintain a steady stride, going through a comfortable range of motion.
A good machine should allow you to move comfortably and smoothly, without the chance of your knees bumping into the console.
Avoid machines with pedals that limit your range of motion.
Any fitness machine is only as good for your health as the frequency with which you use it. ACSM recommends exercising for at least 150 minutes per week, consistent with the federal physical activity guidelines.”

Balls to the Walls!


Yep. Let’s talk balls!
Now stay with me, we are talking about balls to use in our fitness routines.

All kinds of balls. Large, small, hard, soft, weighted, and inflated. I kid you not!

You still with me?


Slam balls or wall balls are weighted balls, larger in size, made to be slammed against the walls, or floor. Used in cross fit, and boot camps world wide! Varying in weights from 4-20 lbs, they are very durable! Dynamax and Troy make fantastic versions of slam balls.

Med Balls-2T

Medicine Balls are also weighted balls, resembling basketballs. Used in many exercises from squats, to thrusts, and abdominal work. Also varying in weights and sizes, from 4-25 lbs. Cap, Body Solid and Valeo are a few manufacturers.

body ball

Body Balls, also called Stability Balls are very popular as well. These can be used in place of chairs, or even benches! Planking on body balls requires core strength and balance. Add dumb bells to these exercises and you have yourself a workout! Sold in various sizes to accommodate different heights. 55cm (from 4’8″-5’3″), 65cm (5’4-5’10″”) and 75cm (5’10”-6’4″).

Soft Mini Xerball (Weighted Balls) are soft, weighted mini medicine balls. They provide a unique strength conditioning alternative. Durable, 4-inch sand filled balls fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Also vary in weight, from 4-8 lbs. Spri is a manufacturer of these products.

And there you have it folks! For all your fitness ball needs, check out our website store, or come on down to Fit Equipment Etc. We got you covered!

About the Author: Laurie is a CPT at Fitness Equipment Estore which features New England’s largest showroom of commercial & home gym exercise equipment. The showroom and online store feature some of the industry’s best home gyms, commercial and home treadmills and more!