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What Ever Happened to the Stepper?

Ok who wants to go back……WAY BACK?

Like back to the 80’s?  When the “Stepper” made its introduction to many gyms across the country.  Back when women wore thongs on the outside of their spandex, and men wore parachute pants, and crazy prints with neon everywhere.  Or as I call it…the good old days!



So I may date myself a little here, but it was a cool invention!  Since the inception it has evolved.  It went from a clunky, poorly designed piece, and evolved into a well made, and genius piece.

It is simulated in ellipticals with more of a gliding stride motion, rather than depth.  There are Step Mills that have the actual “stairs” disappearing into the platform only to reappear at the top again!  Think about it!  The motion of using legs is so intense!  Simulating flights of stairs in the comfort of your own home!  From your glutes, to hamstrings, to quads and calves.  It is a great cardio and strength workout!

With all the hype of fitness equipment now a days it has become “lost” in a sea of new things on the market. Until now..

Let me introduce you to the newly redesigned Stepper from Spirit Fitness.  The CS 800 is an amazing piece.  Now hear me out. I was the biggest skeptic at first.  I laughed.  REALLY!  Like out loud laughed.  Then I stepped onto it and did a mini workout.  Holy Hell!  I was a fan!

It was smooth, and didn’t “bottom out” like the originals.  The clunking is no more!  It allowed you to train within your stride depth!  Allowing you to progress to greater depth as your flexibility improves.  The glute workout was intense!  I felt it almost immediately.  The frame structure was beefy, but not too beefy.  Built very well using high grade steel, aluminum and plastic components, and compact!  It really is a win/win!


Now is the time to “rethink” your cardio pieces.  Treadmills, ellipticals, bikes and rowers are not for everyone.  (Although we sell plenty of them too) This is going to be the next BIG THING..AGAIN!   This piece is so new, I haven’t even updated the website yet!

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